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Why System Simulation?

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Only when all puzzle pieces fit together, can the system run smoothly.


System Simulation

Examine the flawless interaction between all components from various domains, such as mechanics, fluidics and control engineering, already during the design phase – long before you build your first prototype. Switch your perspective from considering the behavior of isolated components over to a more comprehensive approach looking at the interaction between all components involved. Conclusive calculations of the system’s behavior enable you to identify promising concepts early on. Steer your design process in the right direction and find the optimum layout for your system to ensure operational safety also for long operating cycles. This will help you make the right decision way before you even conduct your first physical test.


Real-Time Simulations in a Virtual Environment

Make the most of system simulation to also test components (hardware in the loop) and software applications (software in the loop) in real-time without the need for the actual physical environment to be in place. Simulate the environment as a SimulationX model and combine it with the software or the components you wish to test with the help of specific interfaces.


Failure Mode and Optimization Analyses

Simulations help you identify errors faster than you would in the real system. One click is all it takes to get the full picture of an assembly’s internals. You can easily change parameters or entire configurations and watch their effects on your product unfold in the simulation. Make your development process more efficient by running fault tree (FTA) and failure mode and effect analyses (FMEA) in the SimulationX SafetyDesigner with the same model structure. Save time and increase safety in one go.


Expert Support

You can count on our experts‘ know-how and the direct support from our sales team, be it for technical questions or in joint research projects. Benefit from our broad network of industrial and academic customers and partners in the region and around the globe.


Time is money: We help you save both.

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