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SimulationX is the engineer’s best choice for system simulation

What makes SimulationX unlike any other system simulation software? Not only does it cover more physical domains than the competition including the all-new libraries for acoustics and electric power. It is also the sheer endless possibilities of this utterly flexible tool to integrate with virtually any development environment through various interfaces, add-ins and export functionalities. But the one feature that really stands out is not in the program itself. It’s the people behind it who put in all their experience and effort to make SimulationX the best possible and easy-to-use system simulation platform out there. And it is these very people you can turn to whenever you need support in your work or an answer you can rely on.


Through various interfaces and add-ins SimulationX can integrate with virtually any development environment, which in turn protects your long-term investment. Open technologies like Modelica® and FMI guarantee higher efficiency.



Not only does it cover more physical domains than other CAE solution. It is also the sheer endless possibilities of SimulationX to combine ready-to-use model libraries with familiar custom-made and third-party tools that bring greater flexibility to your product development.



The ultimate graphical user interface for better usability and a unique working environment for 1D, 2D and 3D simulations, that can also be run in real-time, ensure a convenient workflow with the program.



SimulationX has long proven its excellent performance in industry and science. For more than two decades, the program has been successfully applied by more than 600 customers in various industries including automotive, energy, home appliances, mining, oil and gas, railways, aerospace, industrial machinery, medical technology, and shipbuilding.


ZF enhances the development of torsional vibration dampers by using SimulationX

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Success Card
Alstom Transport

Alstom Transport uses SimulationX to design and optimize drive and suspension systems for trains

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EA EnergieArchitektur

Simulating energy efficient buildings and calculating the optimal use of energy resources

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Using SimulationX to optimize powertrain and vehicle performance

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