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"SimulationX determines the level in modeling, simulating and analyzing mechatronic systems."

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Optimized for the different requirements in research, development, engineering and sales, four different editions are available with different scopes of use. For all editions, differently configured programs are available. You decide whether the end user (for instance your customer to whom you provide your simulation models) can alter the models or if they may only modify parameters.


Evaluation Version for a free test drive

  • Time-limited version with unrestricted functionality of the commercial SimulationX modules (libraries, options, interfaces).
  • Download your personal evaluation version online.


Professional Edition for design, modeling and analysis

  • Provides complete functionality
  • Powerful tool for modeling, simulation and analysis (libraries, options, Interfaces, add-ons, external types)


Analyzer Edition for analysis and post-processing

  • Limited version for parameter studies, calculations and post-processing,
  • Prearranged model files,
  • Model or element modifications are not possible


Viewer Edition for presentations and demonstrations

  • Limited version for demonstration of validated and write-protected models to customers or prospects
  • Model and parameter modifications are not possible


Student Edition for education and teaching

  • Free but limited version with restricted modeling capabilities and functionalities
  • Tailored to education-specific modeling and simulation tasks
  • Download your personal student edition online. 
    • Please note: Commercial use is prohibited.


The Basic Module of SimulationX software is the prerequisite module for usingthe platform for an integrated system design, modeling and analysis. Thetherein integrated TypeDesigner is the tool to adapt existing and to design own model element types, it can be also used as Modelica Smart Editor. The Basic Module also includes: the libraries General Signal Blocks, COM Interface, External Function Interface and PrintEngine.

The simulations can be done in time or frequency domain. Either the transient simulation for computing linear and non-linear system behavior or the steady-state simulation to compute models in a periodically steady-state condition (non-linear or linear) are available.


Domains and libraries pool model elements according to physical application aspects. The pre-assembled element types provided shorten significantly the modeling effort.


Options and interfaces complete the tools for an integrated system and structure analysis (e.g. equilibrium computation, linear system analysis, variant computation) respectively for the connection to other CAx products, data bases and optimization tools.


Plug-Ins procedure extends the functionality of SimulationX by embedding external (Modelica) libraries, StateChart Designer and Virtual Machine.


The SimulationX interfaces couple SimulationX models with CAD, CAM, CAE, CAO, FEA/FEM, CFD, MBS or any other calculation software tools. The coupling ensures the data exchange between the tools and thus the advantages of your tools and our simulation software complement one another. SimulationX provides many interfaces to external programs for different purposes and applications.


  • Steady State Simulation in Frequency Domain
  • Linear System Analysis: natural frequencies and swinging form, arbitrary interconnection
  • Variant assistant (parameter studies)
  • Calculating Equilibration
  • Performance Analysis
  • Order Analyse


Data and model import

Import filter are available for numerical data (1D/2D/3D directories) and CAD data.

  • CAD Import Autodesk Inventor®
  • CAD Import Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire or Creo Parametric,
  • CAD Import SolidWorks
  • CAD Import CATIA
  • FEM Import 1.0


Model export

The model export function contains the export of linear system models and the export of complete SimulationX models as C-Code. The code can be generated for stand-alone executables, Simulink S-functions and other targets, being used in HiL-, RCP- or SiL applications.

  • C-Code Export (with and without Solver)
  • Export S-Function (MATLAB/Simulink)
  • Code Export for FMI (Model Exchange)
  • Code Export for FMI (Co-Simulation)
  • Code Export SIMPACK®
  • Code Export SCALE-RT 5.1
  • Code Export dSPACE DS1006
  • Code Export NI LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Modules
  • Code Export NI VeriStand
  • Code Export VehicleSim (CarSim, BikeSim, TruckSim)
  • Code Export ETAS LABCAR



SimulationX provides a generic co-simulation interface. This general co-simulation library provides general-purpose blocks which can be tailored to almost any other simulation tool. The communication is achieved via TCP/IP. The following preconfigured and ready-to-use co-simulation solutions are available:

  • MATLAB®/Simulink®
  • CarSim
  • Cadmould



  • Scripting

A comprehensive COM interface allows the communication between SimulationX and other Windows applications. Any operation, which can be performed interactively, can also be controlled by a script. This feature is useful for user-defined batch runs, embedded simulation, parameter studies, or optimizations.

  • FMEA

SimulationX offers a complete interface for FMEA applications. In contrast to other CAE tools SimulationX includes a coherent 1D/3D modeling and simulation platform for many physical domains such as mechanics, hydraulics, thermal, electrics and magnetics.

  • Optimization, DOE and DFSS techniques

SimulationX has interfaces to various optimization tools (CAO) enabling to find design parameter automatically. This modern solution integrates system modeling, simulation and analysis with SimulationX and enlarges the application for a faster avaluation of alternatices. For the interaction with SimulationX different optimization interfaces are available: OptiY, OptiSLang and modelFRONTIER.

  •  Further interfaces
    • FMU (Functional Mockup Unit) Import
    • FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder
    • Database interface
    • Spice Translator
    • Coupling with ecICP/ecCST of ExpertControl
    • OPC Client for synchronous interface



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