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"The ITI engineering team is known for its total engineering competence."

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Total Engineering Competence

Being a committed, competent partner skilled in both methods and actual solutions, ITI assists its customers in walking the tightrope between limited resources and high-pressure deadlines in product development.

  • Highly qualified project managers with proven areas of expertise in numerous engineering domains know their business and that of their customers.
  • We guarantee personal support and a unique customer focus by providing hands-on support as well as globally active service teams, 24/7.
  • We incorporate our long-term project experience into the design and enhancement of task-specific models. These enable us to generate significant competitive advantages for our customers.

We provide sound consulting services, e.g.,

  • dynamic analysis and optimization of drive components and systems,
  • system analysis to eliminate weak points in designs,
  • qualitative and quantitative interpretation of simulation results.

Developing the best drives and chassis

The focus is for example on the field of power transmission. In the design of modern drive systems complex interactions of the subsystems mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, magnetics, or thermal have to be paid attention. Because the interaction of engines and drives has to be adjusted by controlled methods both energetic and dynamic.
Being new territory this task raises plenty of questions to developer and engineers. This is where the work of the ITI engineering team begins. We support our customers in the dynamic analysis of drives and chassis as well as energy-efficient and low-vibration drive designs. Also the analysis of asymmetric working gears and drives, kinematics analysis, electromechanical modeling of different engines, natural frequency and vibration analysis, design of hydraulic systems, as well as efficiency analysis considering any non-linear losses are ITIs expertise focuses.

Extract of our project list

  • Optimization of complete vehicle drives
  • Controlled coupling systems
  • Elimination of pedal vibrations
  • Draft of completely shiftable gear models
  • Simulation and validation of drive systems of motorbike drive trains
  • Passive safety – belt sensor
  • Complex, detailed models for complete simulation of ABS systems and components
  • Air spring systems
  • Simulation models for vehicle synchronizations
  • Components and powertrain tuning of complete vehicle powertrain models
  • Wheel suspension - vibration damper

Analyzing dynamical systems

A second field of attention is the field of fluids. Fluid technical systems are unique regarding their complexity: more components, flexible geometries, non-linear behaviour and different physical requirements pose a great technical challenge for developers. Here, too, ITI engineers are sought-after project partners in analyzing the behavior of fluid technical systems.


From the development of hydrostatic drive concepts, pressure and proportional valves controlled fluid technical drives in mobile machines and energy-efficient pneumatic handling systems through to network and reluctance models for electromagnets and parameter models for pneumatic ejectors ITI project managers know their crafts.


Extract of our project list

  • Hydraulic controlled positioning drives in glass presses
  • Analaysis of the interaction of different physical subsystems (mechanics, multibody systems, hydraulics, controls)
  • Analysis and coordination of the total system
  • Analysis of control concepts and parameters in their interaction with mechanic and hydraulic components
  • Evaluation of comfort improvement measures and systems for an active load damping
  • Model set up and adaption for hydrostatic systems and electro-hydraulic controls
  • Bascule bridge with hydraulic systems
  • Optimization of the mechanical system (rigid, elastic), controlled structures and fluid power in cranes
  • Simulation and evaluation of elevator drives with alternating poles in tower cranes
  • System simulation of concrete pumps including multibody systems (rigid, elastic) and hydraulic (cylinder, valves, accumulators) and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation
  • HVAC systems for buildings (data centers, cleanroom, home appliances) and vehicles
  • Simple heat transfer problems in conjunction with drive systems

Using SimulationX to optimize powertrain and vehicle performance

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The Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) uses SimulationX for researching smart energy management

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Answer customers‘ dimensioning requests in a quick & reliable way

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Simulating energy efficient buildings and calculating the optimal use of energy resources

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